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It is with pleasure that I, Kate Cousens, invite you to listen to my podcast show ‘Ladder Down’ where I chat all things business and career along with other people who do interesting things!

Sending the ladder down is the concept of someone sharing their success to help raise others up and, in this podcast, we will explore the ups and downs of climbing the career and business ladder.

This concept is one that is close to my heart as back in 2018 I wrote and self-published a book called ‘Ladder Climbing in High Heels’ where I shared a number of what I called ‘Ladder Lessons’ that I found useful during my 20+ year corporate career.

Since then, I have gone on to become an advisor, director and shareholder at a Chester based firm called HM bamboo helping owners and senior leaders with their personal development and business growth goals.

I love listening to people tell their story, and how they progressed in their career or got to run their own business. I hope that listeners will find these stories helpful and can apply the things they learn along the way in their own lives.

Please let me know what you think of the Podcast - I am a total newbie to it so we will be learning lessons together along the way....but hey, that's what life is all about! Connect with me:  

May 13, 2021

In this episode Kate catches up with an ex-colleague, Bieneosa Ebite, a seasoned Public Relations professional who thrives on managing reputation, engaging diverse audiences and providing strategic counsel.

Kate and B met when they were both leading communications for one of the world’s largest brands, McDonald’s Restaurants during one of the most challenging periods of its history! She went on to establish her own PR consultancy managing campaigns for more big names including Costa Coffee, Starbucks, the Home Office, the Office for National Statistics and Oxfam. All the while promoting her passion for diversity in all its forms, co-founding Ignite, a not-for-profit organisation that operated for five years, promoting the benefits of cultural diversity in PR.  

She is now Head of Corporate Communications for Centrica, where she is also co-chair of the Women's Network. She too has her own podcast ‘News Bants’ providing an unfiltered and light-hearted take on current affairs and politics. You can find out more about B’s career and business journey by connecting with her on Linked in.