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It is with pleasure that I, Kate Cousens, invite you to listen to my podcast ‘Ladder Down’ where we chat all things business and career.

Sending the ladder down is the concept of someone sharing their success to help raise others up and, in this podcast, we will explore the ups and downs of climbing the career and business ladder.

This concept is one that is close to my heart as back in 2018 I wrote and self-published a book called ‘Ladder Climbing in High Heels’ where I shared a number of what I called ‘Ladder Lessons’ that I found useful during my 20+ year corporate career.

Since then I have gone on to become co-founder of a UK based firm called DICE which stands for 'Develop, Inspire, Create and Embed', summarising what I do to help owners and senior leaders with their personal development and business growth goals.

I love listening to people tell their story and how they progressed in their career or got to run their own business. I hope that listeners will find these stories helpful and can apply the things they learn along the way in their own lives.

Please let me know what you think of the Podcast and connect with me at:  

May 27, 2021

The saying goes that all publicity is good publicity but Gerald Ratner would tell you differently! 

When Gerald inherited his family jewellery company in 1984, he expanded it from about 150 shops to over 2,000 in just six years, capturing over 50% of the UK’s jewellery market. He became known as ‘The King of...

May 21, 2021

In this episode Kate chats to Donna Hamilton who has a passion for helping organisations to get the most out of their people. She is Director of Customer Success for a company called 'Peachy Mondays', an employee listening platform which helps businesses improve their employee engagement. Their trademark is 'Happy...